Agriculture News

Why spring fence-checking is important

Published on 04.04.2019 by Craig Lester


Before moving cattle or livestock into any pasture this spring, farmers should ensure fences are in tip-top shape.

That's the advice from two farmers who say it's imperative to check all the fencelines from beginning to end and do maintenance where needed to avoid problems while livestock are grazing in that pasture.

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How to help microbes improve your soil

Published on 04.04.2019 by Richard Kamchen


There’s an entire ecosystem in your soil that’s as complex as the Serengeti.

Among the teeming life underground are microbes, which aid in nutrient and carbon cycling, improving soil structure and suppressing plant disease.

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Investigate machinery costs for transition plans

Published on 03.28.2019 by Matt McIntosh


Developing the business is a goal for many farm families working through transition. Truly accounting for machinery costs, however, isn’t always considered.

But given the high price of farm equipment, ensuring purchases still support farm profitability is more important than ever.

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Verify soil enhancement claims, say experts

Published on 03.28.2019 by Richard Kamchen


Get a second opinion about products that promise soil enhancement benefits or risk being sold a bill of goods, experts warn.

“You can walk around an ag show... and hear pitches on dubious claims in every aisle,” says Thom Weir, an agronomist with Farmers Edge.

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Weed experts watching spring melt conditions

Published on 03.14.2019 by Owen Roberts


Mother Nature is throwing another curve ball this spring at weed forecasts, thanks to appreciable snowfall in some parts of the country’s farming areas that may spark flooding.

If that happens, weed seed distribution can be extended significantly by floodwaters.

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Beware of these early grazing pitfall

Published on 03.14.2019 by Richard Kamchen


Cattle producers low on feed may be more tempted to put their cattle out on pasture as soon as the snow melts, but experts warn that comes with repercussions to both plant and animal health.

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World durum markets show signs of softening

Published on 03.13.2019 by Greg Kostal


Canada's recent sale of durum wheat to Algeria indicates world prices may drop, probably because of the new crop expected soon.

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Why hustling for balance on the farm is wreaking havoc on your mental health - and how to stop

Published on 03.08.2019 by Jess Campbell


If you find yourself struggling to figure out how to do it all and feeling completely overwhelmed in the process, the solution could be closer than you think.

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Diligence pays off when storing green seed canola

Published on 03.07.2019 by Richard Kamchen


Canadian canola producers with high levels of green seed will still need to take extra care with managing their stored crop, say experts.

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Three tips to help juggle farm and family

Published on 03.07.2019 by Trudy Kelly Forsythe


Operating a farm is a 24-7 commitment. So is raising a family. Balancing the two can be a juggling act.

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